Modular Overview

Custom Modular Homes located in Maine and New Hampshire

Modular homes can be customized to suit your needs.

When you purchase a modular home from New Style Homes, you get the home you want. It will look just like traditional custom built homes, with a full or partial basement or a slab foundation, single or multi-stories, extra bedrooms, increased energy efficiency and insulation, and any other features you want.

The fact that it is pre-built using modern engineering methods in an efficient, climate-controlled factory and assembled on-site by our expert crews significantly increases quality-control and efficiency while decreasing construction time. Even more time is saved because your modular home can begin construction in the factory while the site preparation work is being done.

And because the modular sections of your home have to withstand the rigors of highway travel to your site without excessive damage, they are more soundly built with up to 30% more materials than a site-built home.

New Style Homes is proud to offer modular homes from the most respected manufacturers. Please use the following links to directly access floor plans and specifications of these manufacturers and their quality offerings.

Manorwood Homes – floor plans
Professional Building Systems – floor plans
Mapleleaf – floor plans

To browse other floor plans from a variety of manufacturers, choose a style of home to your right, (Cape, Ranch, 2-Story), then choose [Click to View more Floorplans]

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